Taking pictures of my family has always been something I enjoy. Capturing smiles and laughter, there is nothing like it. I pride myself on giving my clients the same opportunity: to look back at those moments that are otherwise lost.

Our memory is not always doing it’s job. We may remember the day but maybe not the small details that are caught on camera. Like the teary expression on his face when he finally popped the question, the sweet smile on your face reminding you of how happy you were to be wearing that big white dress, or maybe the second you see your child for the first time. All these memories can be covered up by the next important moment that happens. My pictures are there, they bring you back, they make you feel those emotions, they comfort.

Creating this for you is the best feeling in the world.

I specialize in taking vibrant, textured pictures in natural light. I love texture, you can see in most of my pictures some kind of texture behind or on my clients, I feel like it gives the picture depth and a personality.

I also enjoy candid photography. If you are looking for very posed pictures I can give them to you, but I can almost guarantee that your favorites will be between the scenes.


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