Bre’s Senior Portraits by Brandee Leafty Photography

To say that I had fun doing these portraits, would be an understatement… it was absolutely awesome! We did it all, from a full make-over to cartwheels at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA. As if that wasn’t enough, we hit the Bothell Landing to finish off the evening.

Bre is a beautiful young woman but there’s something to say about a make-over, she was absolutely glowing! Thanks to Bella Sirena Salon in downtown Kirkland, WA, Bre started the evening in a trance, deciding on a hair style and picking out eye shadow had this girl sparkling. When we got to the winery things went from stiff to natural within minutes! Getting Bre to make a serious face had us both wanting to roll on the ground laughing, it was hilarious! She is so full of life and laughter that making a serious face was easier said then done, but it ended up transforming our relationship from, photographer and client, to friends!  

Thank you so much Casper Family for letting me be apart of such an awesome time in your life! SENIOR POWER!Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-74Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-3 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-17 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-7Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-22 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-25 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-26 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-30 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-31   Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-37 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-52 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-61 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-64Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-83 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-101 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-110Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-136 Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-114Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-177
Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-130
Brandee_Leafty_Photography - BreAnna Casper-135 Love,

Brandee Leafty Photography


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