The Behrmann Family By Brandee Leafty Photography

I was so excited to work with this family! Meghan shined like the sun when holding her adopted son Elliott. Her beam brightened my life in such a way that I cannot properly express it in words. She is a sweet, kind and beautiful woman. Her husband also had a very humble presence that was sweet and peaceful. Meghan’s mom, Heidi, joined us as we went through pictures and her smile was so contagious, I could see where her daughter got her beauty! I found myself just as excited about the images as they were. I am a very blessed person to meet such wonderful people. I seriously have the best job anyone could ask for. Not only do I get to stay at home with my amazing family but I get to meet others like the Behrmanns.

Brandee_Leafty_Photography 24 for blog 2 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 23 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 23 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 22 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 21 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 21 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 20 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 17 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 16 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 14 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 13 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 12 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 11 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 10 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 9 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 8 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 7 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 6 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 5 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 4 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 3 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 2 Brandee_Leafty_Photography 1



signiture see through


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