5 Ways to help your photographer capture the REAL you.



1. Tell your story- Share the details. If you’re getting engagement pictures done, be ready with the answers to these questions: How did you meet? How did he propose? How did you feel when the question was popped? I want your photos to reveal the depth and richness of your love; so the more I know about you, the more that knowledge will translate to the images we create together. BONUS: The more comfortable you become through talking with me, the more comfortable you will feel with the camera’s eye on you.

2. Have your outfit choices reflect your personality – I’ll take my cue from you. If you arrive wearing bright, fun colors, your pictures will reflect brightness and fun. Simple as that. If you arrive in formal or structured clothing, the same will apply, with the poses and overall effect being more formal. Be true to your real personality and wear clothes that reflect who you really are.

3. Let your photographer know what emotional feelings you want portrayed in your pictures – What are the emotions that come to mind when you see a newborn’s picture? Warmth, joy, a melting heart full of love? That one’s easy, but what do you want to express and feel emotionally in your engagement or wedding pictures? Humor and laughter? A once-upon-a-time romance, with an emphasis on true love? Think about what you want to see in the pictures five, ten, even twenty years from now, and share that information with me.

4. Don’t give your photographer a link to your Pinterest board– Perhaps you have a board full of your favorite engagement, wedding or family photos, and would like your photographer to re-create the images. Asking your photographer to do so is a crime called plagiarism. I love Pinterest, and am an avid pinner! – but I can’t, and won’t, copy another photographer’s work. I want to create something specific and original for you. By all means, share some ideas that are exciting to you (remember, I want to know all about you!), but also please trust my inspiration. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Be yourself! Don’t be intimidated by the camera, it won’t bite. The more you relax and let your personality shine through, the easier it will be to capture it and preserve it for years to come. You would be surprised by how many clients try to be something they’re not, and are then disappointed that their photographer didn’t capture their true self. If you are silly, be silly. If you are a hopeless romantic, be a hopeless romantic! Do whatever you need to do to make sure that your pictures are 100% you, and no one else. You can do it.

I love meeting new people and capturing their true personality; it is my favorite part of the job. My clients become my friends, for I come to love them as I come to know them through my highly-focused eye. If this is the kind of experience you are looking for, you know where to find me.





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