I had the most interesting conversation with one of my beautiful brides this past week. She was telling me all about the miracles that have been leading her down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams.

There was one story that really stood out. It was about a woman she had met in a coffee shop. They were both there for other reasons but will be forever friends.

My bride was doing her own thing when she met a woman in passing. They got to talking and she immediately wanted to hear everything about her wedding, which happened to be just over a week away. They talked about all the details, flowers and such.

Then the stranger asked who was walking her down the aisle. This was a very touchy subject for my bride because she really wanted her brother to but he lives out of state and couldn’t afford the trip here. She explained this to the stranger and was shocked by the response.

“You have to have your brother walk you down the aisle! I will pay for it!” she said

My bride was stunned. She couldn’t believe that a complete stranger could possibly be this generous.

Later as I sat with my bride, listening to her tell me this story I was so moved; I got chills! She told me there was a long line of stories just as amazing as this one that has set her on the course to true love and happiness.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things a woman can take on but taking a step back and appreciating all the miracles that keep us moving forward will be the memories that we will take with us forever.

Something that might be fun to do is to write some or all of those miracles down and give them to your wedding photographer. They can then add them to your wedding album or even your guestbook! How cute would that be?!?


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